Monday, May 12, 2008

Perfect Place for a Geocache

You may remember my evil plan (well, it's not really evil - that's just a cool way to start a post). Anyway, my plan was to get more geocaches out on the Luce Line trail. You can read this post to see the evil masterplan. The photo below is a screenshot taken of Google Earth, where I have all our Luce Line hides mapped out. This section shows a pin stuck in a perfect place for a geocache - a nice wooded area right along the trail.The yellow pins are our hides.

Perfect Place for a Geocache (click to enlarge)

Possible New Hide

We've been pretty successful in placing caches on the Luce Line: Milk & Cookies

Sugar and Spice

Good Time on the Luce Line

Luce Line Crossing

and the Stubbs Bay Travel Bug Hotel Wannabe.

Although it seems like a lot of geocaches along one trail, it would require a 10-mile hike to get them all in one day. For the hide shown above, I've been waiting for the perfect cache container to pop up at a yard sale. (I'll keep that idea a secret for the time being.)

So imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning, and read the email announcing a new geocache on the Luce Line. Local geocacher, jREST placed a geocache right where I was planning to hide one!

New Geocache on the Luce Line

One Last Row

My only explanation is, great minds think alike.

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