Tuesday, April 24, 2007

About Us

tonka_boy & wayfarer222 - our monikers on geocaching.com. Currently living in Minnesota, we thought that The Northwoods Geocats would be a cool name. Maybe we're obsessive. . . but when we come across something cool, we latch onto it and enjoy the ride. Right now, geocaching is our obsession.

For tonka_boy, my past life was all about exploring caves. My book, Underground Legacy, tells all. And I have all kinds of cool geocaching gear on cafepress.com.

For wayfarer, she's a watercolor artist. She has original watercolors on her website. Her images are available on all kinds of products at Zazzle.com. She also blogs at Mysterious Issues and at News From the North Country.

So spend so time on our blog. Check out our links. And join the community.

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On Zazzle, Wayfarer is known as Paintingcoyote36. Check out this great items from her store.

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