Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Sweet Smell of Success

We went back to that park today to get that nasty cache that eluded us yesterday. In anticipation of a difficult & cerebral search, I polished up the GPSr and neatly stacked all my mental blocks. We hit the park on the run, followed yesterday's footprints in the snow, and closed in on GZ. Wayfarer was in the lead by 20 feet or so, while I concentrated on the GPSr. It looked like we still had 60 feet or so to go, when she hands me the cache container.

What the Hay?

How she came up with that, I'll never know. But there it was. Big as life. I didn't even see her pick the thing up. Swallowing my male pride, I took full credit for half the find.

Post your comments.
Where do you think the cache is?

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