Saturday, April 12, 2008

Stubbs Bay Travel Bug Hotel Geocache

Due to the feedback from you, our readers, we replaced the smaller geocache previously hidden last week along the Luce Line Trail. As you may remember, we had prepared a peanut butter jar with camo and hid it along the trail. That's when we discovered the nearby geo-beacon that woCache Container Beforeuld hold a much larger cache container.

As pointed out to us, when possible, a larger container should be hidden. In thinking about our hide, we decided to go one step further and designate the cache as a Travel Bug Hotel.

But that adds a little trepidation, knowing that TBs may be short lived in this world. As was our experience with our Christmas Golfer TB. I just don't want anything to happen to other cacher's travel bugs when the little buggers are in our hotel.

Cache Container After

So here's before camo and after camo photos of the container. It's a full 12 inches tall, and six inches in diameter. Original contents are a Wisconsin travel book that we wrote, a Minnesota Wild necklace, a Viagra pen, a firearm safety lock that I got at a police station, and an un-activated TB dog tag for the FTF.

It will go into the woods tomorrow and will take a few days to get published.

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