Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mary Tyler Moore Geocache

The Geocats claimed a downtown, Minneapolis virtual geocache by Centris. In her cache description, she states, Thirty years ago, me and millions of other little preteen girls all over the USA sat down every Saturday night in front of our TV’s and watched Mary Tyler Moore throw her hat up in the air in downtown Minneapolis in a triumphant gesture of independence.

Mary Tyler Moore show put Minneapolis on the pop-culture map, and now cable re-runs keep the 1970’s career woman, Mary Richards, alive and well. Many visitors to Minneapolis come looking for Mary Richards sites.

Donaldson’s Department Store, seen in the opening credits, is long gone. However, there is now a life size bronze statue standing at the "spot".

In May 2002, Nick at Nite’s TV Land spent $150,000 to have the statue of Mary Richards created by artist Gwendolyn Gillen. The statue has been donated to the City of Minneapolis, and TV Land has provided funds for its upkeep. It is located on Nicollet Mall, between 7th and 8th Streets.

To claim credit for this "find", there is a brass plaque on the building behind the statue. The plaque tells what this building used to be, and what happened to it. I'm not going to reveal the answer. You'll just have to go there. Here's the scene we remember.

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