Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Best Geocacher in Minnesota

Congratulations to TheGilby4 for scoring the FTF on the Milk & Cookies geocache - and this guy must be the best geocacher in Minnesota. Let me explain.

The email announcing the cache went out at 9:36 this morning.

At 11:30 I get this email: Milk and cookies. Winter friendly means cache is above knees for snow cover. Is it still winter friendly? If so, I suck!... Gilby

At 12:11, I get this email: Found it! However, it was 379 feet from ground zero for me. My batteries were going dead but I still had 29 feet accuracy. Maybe others will have no problems, and hopefully it was just my batts. Just wanted to let you be aware... Gilby

At 5:47 I get this email: I was hoping for a FTF, but seemed to have missed something, i.e., the cache... sparkfry

What the hay!!!!

So how does that make Gilby the greatest geocacher in Minnesota? Here's his entry on our cache description page:

FTF!!! This is a well deserved FTF! Trying to get a cache and dash for lunch, but something was amiss. I scoured GZ like CRAZY but to no avail. I decided to quit and walk back to the truck, but hoped that the coords might not be right, so I used my honed geo-senses to spot a great beacon a yonder. Yonder to the distance of 379 feet from GZ! What should I find in my new location, Cookies! Too bad I forgot the milk! Grabbed the coin and light and left a dog chain (new). Thanks for the adventure during lunch!

Congratulations to TheGilby4 for the first to find, and the title of the Greatest Geocacher in Minnesota.

Epilogue: As soon as I received those messages I disabled the cache and we dashed out there after work. Sure enough, I'm a bad geocacher. The coordinates were way off. We took new readings and enabled the cache. We met speedysk1 just as we got back to the car. He had come out to seek Milk & Cookies. I gave him the new numbers and after talking a bit he went off to find the cache.

At 9:18 I got this email: STF. I met tonka_boy and wayfarer heading back with the updated coords. They gave me the new coords, we chatted a while and I headed in. The new coords are spot on. I have no idea how gilby sniffed this out with the coords being so far off. This was well hidden, so he must have some kinds of geo-radar or something. ;) speedysk1

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