Sunday, February 24, 2008

More Caches on the Luce Line?

For the current Minnesota Ice Age, we have a PQ of caches that have the winter accessible attribute - which really cuts into the caches available. Yesterday we went out in search of some small towns, with neighborhood parks, that contained caches. Only to find that small towns don't bother to plow the parking lots of neighborhood parks. We went by three of them that had no on-street parking, and two-foot snow drifts in the parking lots. No joy today, so we walked the Luce Line to look for hide opportunities.

I once thought that there were SO MANY geocaches around here that there was hardly room for more. As you know, we placed The Luce Line Crossing last week. You can see it on the map in the upper right-hand corner. (Click to make map larger.) The trail is visible as a dark, thin line near the top. Along with our cache, you can see three others along the 3.5-mile stretch of trail. The next geocache to the west (off picture) is a mile further down the trail.

Over the past eight months, we've scored quite a few geocaches along the Luce Line - probably over a dozen. But as you can see, some of those geocaches are more than a mile apart. To get six in a day requires getting in and out of the car, or a 12-mile hike, round trip. Nothing like they have out in Disneyland. So I'm going to start thinking like a California geocacher. Shouldn't there be more caches on the Luce Line?

Here's a photo of my proposal. While out yesterday, we found decent hiding spots at each pin location. In the same space that once held four caches, now would have 10. There's still some 1800 feet, on average, between caches. Or should we take out three, space them out a bit, and make seven where there was once four?

It's not like we are over-crowding. The Luce Line is a 63-mile trail, and we are talking about three miles of trail here. Below is a series of geocaches named bikeathon along a regional trail in the near, West Metro area. As you can see, some of the caches are placed even closer than the ones I proposed. And people rave about doing the series.

So I leave it up to my readers - how many more geocaches should we place on the Luce Line?

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