Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Not Geocaching

I haven't been geocaching lately. I haven't read my email. I haven't posted to my blog. I haven't even gone to work the last two days. Can you tell that we are remodeling the house?


We're not knocking out walls or anything like that, but we're painting and the like. We stripped 40-year old wallpaper from the kitchen and bathroom, and painted the walls. Do you know hard it is to get old, old wallpaper off? Brutal!

Wayfarer thought it would be nice to replace the tile on the bathroom floor. The tiles are really old and the ones right through the middle of the floor are cracking. Maybe someone laid the tile on a little ridge there. You know, the slightest bump in the floor will show right through tile. So let's pop those babies up and put some peel-and-stick down. No problem.  After all, our bathroom is only about the size of the interior of a Volkswagen. What could go wrong?



It appears that when the house was built, they poured separate concrete slabs for the foundation, then built the bathroom right on the joint. And now, one slab has raised a quarter inch. (Or one slab has lowered a quarter inch.) And I was stupid enough to start pulling tile up.

So today is the day that we move the washer & dryer out, yank the vanity out, pull the toilet off, and dump 55 pounds of self-leveling Laticrete. What was I thinking?

Let's see. First the primer has to dry for 2-3 hours, then the Laticrete has to cure for 4 hours. That's six hours without a toilet - not including the time it takes to pull the old tile after the toilet is removed. What was I thinking? I'll be geocaching again... about next October. 

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