Friday, May 2, 2008

A Liar's Geocache - Part II

Caution: This post may reveal secrets about certain geocaches. If you prefer not to know these secrets, do not continue reading. If you have not read Part I of this post, you may want to do that before proceeding.

From the logs on the liar's geocache, it looked as if it had been very successful. I recognized the names of some very prominent Minnesota geocachers that had made the 5-hour drive to the Wisconsin Dells, found the cache, and logged their finds. Their posts only seemed to legitimize the cache and add to the fun. But it seems that there were a few Twin Cities geocachers that took the descriptions very seriously and wanted to do a challenging find.

The date was set for November 12 2006, and on that date, the Minnesota cachers were to run the gauntlet. An event cache was organized for the night before over in Wisconsin named, The MN Purple Invasion of "The Gauntlet. Here's an excerpt of the description...

Okay everyone it's time to invade WI and show them Cheezeheads how "The Gauntlet" GCHZKB is done by a group of MN Purple People Eaters!

The actual caching portion will take place on the 12th of Nov. but to get us started off right we will start with a night in WI. Please feel free to join in whether you are from MN or WI. The more the merrier!

Unknown to the cache owner, this group of Minnesotans had spent quite of bit of time and money making preparations for their assault on the Gauntlet. Later posts on Groundspeak put the monetary figure at over $900 in gear purchases. Another poster claimed that the weekend cost him $400 in travel, motel, and food expenses. They had taken a line in the cache description bring equipment to help you solve this quest, very literally.

When the secret was revealed the next day, there were some very angry people. The cache was to be outed so no one would be fooled in the future. Angry emails went back and forth, then posts on the forums.

One post claimed, [the cache owner] is a twisted, self centered, person. She enjoys setting others up for a great experience and then laughing at them when they discover they have been fooled. I will never go after another cache she has placed, and I will not attend an event that she will be attending.

Another, I won't ever do a cache by this placer because of the BAD taste it left in our mouth. Not sinister but wrong, might have been a good joke if all the money that was put into doing this cache and the excitement of the group to take on a challenge esp since the owner was contacted, knew we were coming and actually made an event out of the cache which turned out to be a lie.

So there you have it.

We won't be placing a liar's cache in Minnesota.

I recommend that you read the original logs entries on the Gauntlet cache page. They are very entertaining!

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