Sunday, March 23, 2008

Milk & Cookies Geocache

For local readers that hunt geocaches in the Twin Cities West Metro, this post contains spoilers. So if you don't want to know the truth . . .

We placed another geocache on the Luce Line this afternoon - Milk and Cookies. It's not published yet. We are going to wait a day or two so some of the snow can melt. Following our tracks right to the cache is way too easy.

That's not a cookie on the right - that's the cache container! (Click on any photo to enlarge.) Found that baby at the Dollar Store. So I went to my trusty Google Earth file showing all the geocaches on the Luce, zoomed in, and found the perfect place in the aerial photo.

When we got to the trail, it was a sloppy mess. Snowmobilers that weren't quite ready to surrender the trail to the melting snow, have churned up parts of it into gooey mud.

Anyway, when we found the perfect hiding spot and set up the trusty Garmin GPS unit, the actual coordinates were .002 N, and .001 W degrees off my Google Earth estimate. Who needs a GPSr for this stuff? Just look at that tree. Does it not cry out, "Hey there's a geocache hidden here!" When I first saw it, the thing brought tears to my eyes.

Well, that right-hand limb, the one split wide open, has the perfect hidey-hole on the back side.
There's plenty of wild rose bush to make getting to it just a bit of a challenge. Keeps the muggles from wandering off the trail too. If you enlarge the photo on the left, you will see the Oreo Cookie hidden way back in there. A small piece of bark covering it makes the whole thing complete. No one could accidentally find this one.

Just for scale.

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