Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Peanut Butter Jar Geocache

As promised, I'm using an empty Peanut Butter Jar for a geocache container. You may have read about our spider geocache or our Oreo cookie cache. Here's some hints for the perspective peanut butter jar-hider that may make your job a little easier.

I stopped by the local hardware store on the way home from work and picked up a roll of camo duct tape. The camo of choice? Mossy Oak - only because it was the only one in the place. Hint: Get your camo tape from a hunting/sporting goods store. The roll I got was one of those great big things. It cost me $7.50! That's enough duct tape to hide about 5ooo geocacahes. I know I've seen smaller rolls somewhere.

Hint: If available, get something other than actual duct tape. The camo stuff that I got stuck very well to the plastic peanut butter jar, but would not stick to itself.

I had to do a little creative cutting so there were no spots where the tape overlapped. Either get tape that sticks Peanut Butter Jar-camo opento itself well, or plan your taping so there are no overlaps.

Here's a good shot of the open container. Click on it to see more detail. As I mentioned above, the tape stuck very well to the plastic. I think it will make a great hide. Tomorrow, I'm off to Michael's to get some leaves or fake bark to attach to it. Check back to see the results.

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