Saturday, April 5, 2008

Lovely Weather for Geocaching

Millions of people in the Upper Midwest got their first taste of spring today. Including us. It was 62 degrees - heavenly! It's the time of year when people don't know how to dress. You'll see some in shorts and t-shirts. Others are wearing jeans and sweatshirts.

But I'm sure you're not reading this for a weather report.

We took a walk down the Luce Line today to place our peanut butter jar hide. We went east this time. Not west, where we had placed our other Luce Line caches. Earlier today I had picked out a great hiding spot for the PB jar on Google Earth. Wayfarer wanted to get a good walk in, so we parked 1 & 1/2 miles from where we would actually place the cache, and started on our way. The sun was brilliant, and a soft breeze blew in from the south. Perfect walking weather! We heard several barred owls' warning calls. They are either on eggs or already have young in the nest this time of year. Their warning call is quite different from their "come hither" call. Very aggressive sounding. A whitetailed deer from across a wetlands spotted us. See if you can spot her.

Click on any image to enlarge.

How did you do?

When we got to the wooded area that I spotted on Google Earth, the woods were full of geo-beakons. Perfect! We could have hidden the thing in a dozen different spots. We settled for this one. Right there in the end of that downed tree. It's an OK hide, but won't be listed as winter accessible. One other spot really intrigued us. It was a tree that had the entire inside rotted out. A great place for a really large container. And the thing is, I've had my eye on an empty plastic container at work. It was one of those supersized things that you get at a warehouse foods place. It was full of pretzel rods. It's empty now, and that would make a great hide. And that tree would make a great hiding place.

Dilemma: should I leave the PB jar where it is and publish the cache? Or should I get the really big, pretzel rod jar from work and put it out there instead. Any suggestions?

While we were hiding the PB jar, another deer spooked and ran away. I snapped a quick picture through the trees, and caught her as she was in flight across a downed tree. Can you spot her?

How did you do?

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