Monday, March 31, 2008

More Snow in Minnesota???

How is that possible? In like a lion. Out like what???

You are going to think that this picture is fake. But it's for real. This was taken just moments ago out the back window. It's snowing like crazy here. The weatherman says we could get 8 inches by morning. (Thanks Tim!) Look down the list of posts. Just days ago, I was busting my buttons thinking that spring was right around the corner. Man, was I ready to do some geocaching! Now, all the geocaches are buried again.

Welcome to Minnesota!

Nothing to do except create some new geocaches. Check out this empty peanut butter jar. Mmmmmm peanut butter... I love peanut butter.

But I've digressed.

In tomorrow's post I'm going to show how to change this common peanut butter jar into a cool geocaching hide. While waiting, you can check out this post by rob at There's a lot of interesting things to do with peanut butter, other than spreading it on bread.

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