Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ice Out!

Today was declared official ice out on Lake Minnetonka. And believe it or not, boats and jet skis are already out there. Last year we had skiers on the lake the day after ice out. That's hard core! What a difference a couple days make.

Here's the lake last Sunday. (Click to Enlarge.)

Backyard in Ice


Here's the lake today.

Spring Backyard 

I was telling hick@heart just last Sunday how depressing the lake was, still in ice. Before it melts completely, it takes on a very dark gray color. Nasty looking. But today, the sky is blue, the water's blue and the grass is green. Just three days makes all the difference!

It's geocaching weather in Minnesota. Too bad they are predicting snow this weekend.smile_sad

Update: April 26. It snowed!

Not only that, the wind is howling and they're supposed to get 15 inches up north.


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