Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Geocache Hidden - New Travel Bugs Released

We finally got the Stubbs Bay Travel Bug Hotel Wannabe geocache published. Wow, that's a mouthful isn't it?

I always wanted to have my own travel bug hotel. The idea sounded so cool. So I did it. But since it's located out on the Luce Line, it's a little off the beaten path to be a TB hotel. So it's a wannabefast! The container is my large pretzel jar that I wrote about earlier. 

FTF was claimed by rickrich within minutes of publication. Speedy guy.

His comment in the log, "Great cache" means a lot. rickrich is one of the most prolific geocachers in Minnesota. He's the man to beat when is comes to getting a FTF in this area. Here's an earlier post when we actually beat him at his own game.

We released a couple of travel bugs this week. The Lucky Penny TB has a mission to travel to Illinois and California so the kids can log the find. After that it will travel where anybody takes it. The other one we released is the Rails to Trails TB. This one is a bit cute. I expect it will go into someone's private collection before it travels too far.

Travel bug

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