Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rate Your Geocache

Wouldn't it be great to have finders of your cache rate your cache?

That's one thing that geocaching.com does not have - a cache rating system. One that would give the reader an idea of what others thought about the cache. There are discussions at Groundspeak about adding such a thing, but at present, it doesn't exist.

By contrast, at terracaching.com, it's all about the rating. So much emphasis is place on the rating, a cache that receives too many low votes could possibly be voted out of existence. Such a system is not without its inherent failings of course, and I'm not suggesting that geocaching.com adopt such a system, but rating a cache is a keen idea. So. . .

KeenPeople.com has the answer. A rating widget that you can add to your cache page that allows finders to rate your cache. To build one, go to the rating page at KeenPeople, enter the cache number, select colors, copy the code, and paste it on your the description.

Here's how it looks.

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