Sunday, March 9, 2008

New Geocaching Game?

I was just over on Scott's Foobar blog reading about geocaching and gaming, when I thought of a cool geo-game myself. And I'm going to solicit my readers to expand on the idea.

Maybe it's already being done (please point that out to me) but if it is, I haven't seen it.

We've probably all noticed the interesting patterns that a trackable makes when viewed in Google Earth - especially if it's been out there a while. But let's take it step further. What if a player logged a trackable in and out of geocaches in a predetermined pattern? The resulting pattern in Google Earth could be the players name. It could be a drawing. Or it could be a clue or game piece to an even larger global game.

Below is a screen print of Google Earth's view of Hick's FTF Prize Walking Geocoin. Makes an interesting pattern - a bit busy - but there it is.

Now what if I planned the order of my geocaching route and only logged the trackable in caches that added to my desired pattern? Although crudely done, might my google Earth map look something like this? Any ideas to expand or improve the concept?

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