Saturday, March 8, 2008

Geocaching Boredom

So my hard drive crashed last night. It's like having your life pass before your eyes. Everything I do in my work and private life is on that drive. And go_man is going to beat me to all the FTCs. Luckily I'm the kind of guy that backs thing up. So not all is lost.

Thank you all for your concern.

It's two degrees below zero out there - ain't gonna be much traipsin' around in the snow today! (That's the way they talk back home.) Sorry Tinman.

Wayfarer got called into work this morning, and I'm a bit bored. Nothing to do but browse the internet, with my spare hard drive, looking for cool geocaching stuff. But I did come across this cool Cache Cow geocoin. (No spam. According to Amazon, it's not in stock.) I'd buy a bunch if they were though. I like clever. And that's clever.

Maybe I should go run the vacuum.

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