Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Geocache on Lake Minnetonka

For readers who may geocache in the west metro of the Twin Cities, this post may contain spoilers.

We hid our first 5-star terrain, Geocache last Sunday. It's rated a five because it's on Lake Minnetonka, accessible only by boat or a walk across the ice.

We sometimes boat over to a little bay on Lake Minnetonka to lounge or swim. On several occasions, we’ve seen dog owners stop at this spot for a chance to get Fido off the boat for a little exercise. What fun - throwing the ball and watching a good retriever do his work!


Photo by Pirate Scott.

Since this little bay didn’t officially have a name, we decided to unofficially call it Puppy Cove - and thought, what a great place to hide a geocache!

To place the hide, we anchored offshore and I slid onto the air mattress - careful not to drop the GPSr into the lake. (Paddling toward shore, I was glad there were no Greenpeace folks around. They probably would have tried to roll me back into the water.)

But I've digressed!

Knowing the limitations of my GPS unit in heavy tree cover, I decided to place the cache right the water's edge. A cavity in a downed willow tree provided the perfect spot. You can actually see the tree from outer space!

Hiding Spot

Click the photo to enlarge it. The downed willow is on the left, sticking out into the water. Crazy stuff!

I finally got to use my peanut butter jar container.

My faithful readers may remember that I once hid the peanut butter jar, but decided to replace it with a larger container for the TB Hotel Wannabe. Now the peanut butter jar is serving well out on the shoreline.

Halstead Bay

Here's an aerial photo of Halstead (Halstead's) Bay on Lake Minnetonka. The hide is about 1300 feet from the King's Point Landing cache, that once ate our lunch in trying to find.

Congratulations to ruderat for the FTF. And to Dances with Beehives for STF. You can see the listing and their comments here.

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