Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tracking Down a Travel Bug

The other day, Wayfarer and I boated out to Big Island on Lake Minnetonka to score the Big Island 5 geocache.

Boating muggles were beached nearby, but the deep woods in which the cache was hidden provided the necessary stealth to make a quick grab. As we signed the log, Wayfarer mentioned that there should be a Butterfly Girltravel bug in there.

No travel bug found.

According to the cache description, the Butterfly Girl TB should have been there.

It wasn't.

Having lost a couple of trackables ourselves, I decided to do a little Hercule Poirot.

(For our younger readers, that's detective work.)

Checking the Butterfly Girl detail page on, I found this entry.

Nice cache. But it's really going to move further next week!! 

But there's no corresponding entry on the Big Island 5 description page. Apparently, he/she logged a Discovered (not Retrieved) on the TB, but didn't log a Found It on the cache it was in. Maybe this geocacher is new to the game.

Sure enough! A quick view of the profile shows a brand-new member, with no finds yet logged. And just one travel bug discovered - Butterfly Girl!

I e-mailed the owner of Butterfly Girl and explained what I had found. I laid it out in a way that even Agatha Christie would have been proud.

A great reveal at the end.

(Younger readers, follow the Hercule Poirot link above.)

In response, I got this e-mail reply from the owner...

Thanks so much for the e-mail.  I sent [that geocacher] an e-mail with some helpful hints, so I hope to see Butterfly Girl on dry land someplace.  Maybe the wife can stop her swimming sessions now as she probably won't have to swim out to the island to retrieve "The Girl".

Lost the first two wives that way as they just wouldn't put the needed practice in to get in shape. . .

Just glad I could help out.

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