Sunday, July 27, 2008

Travel Bug Logs over 20,000 Miles

That's right! Our Lucky Penny Travel Bug has passed the 20,000 mile mark, visiting caches on both coasts of the US and a stop in Ecuador. Local geocacher, ReefPilot - who is a real pilot - has adopted the Lucky Penny as a traveling companion. When he geocaches in remote locations, he logs the bug in and out of each cache.

Here's a sample log entry . . .

Another short layover in SAT [San Antonio]. A 5 mile walk was all I could handle in today's Texas heat. I replaced the log in a cache I own near the hotel. Also went out to found 4 other nearby caches. We leave this afternoon for IAH, then down to Ecuador (again) for 24hrs, then redeye back to IAH Monday morning.

Do to the fact that there is only ONE active cache in all of GYE (Guayaquil, Ecuador) And I placed that one! Amazing since this is the largest city in Ecuador with a population of 2.5 million. I wasn't planning on going out for any caching. Although I MIGHT just have to go out and place another of my caches - south of the equator.

Next week I am schedule for this exact same 4-day trip, so I may have "cached out" these areas with little/no more caching to be done. Hopefully I can get some local caching done this week while back home in Minnesota.

Some of the cities visited include Houston, Newark, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Oakland, New Orleans, Kansas City, and Guayaquil, Ecuador. Even lesser known locales, such as Lamoni, Iowa, Neongwa, Missouri, and the Big Steer Bug Stop near Little Chicago, MN.

Big Steer

On a sadder note: Still no word on our Raceway Woods Christmas Golfer Travel Bug. It's officially listed as MIA.

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