Monday, July 7, 2008

Geocaching Return to Chambers Island

It was a year ago last month that we took our first trip out to Chambers Island - out in the middle of Lake Michigan's Green Bay. We were in search of a geocache then, and our trip last month was for the same reason. A geocache.

For the 18th year in a row, Wayfarer and her four sisters gathered in Door County to celebrate sisterhood and enjoy each other's company. Geocaching has become part of the annual ritual.

After lunch and a visit to Fred and Fuzzy's, and after scoring a geocache Aerialphoto on "Pebble Beach" (but that's another story) we all piled back into the boat and made the 7-mile journey out into Green Bay. The air was crisp for the middle of June, and we actually were dodging rain squalls to make it to the island.

We landed at the pier shown in the right-hand side of the above photo. (Click any photo to enlarge.) The lighthouse is located on the peninsula to the north. We had been to the pier the year before, but didn't even know the lighthouse existed then.

After touring the well-kept, landscaped grounds around the lighthouse, we set out in search of the geocache. The needle led to the wooded area directly north. Nephew, Brian, made the find in short order. We signed the log, grabbed a trackable geocoin, and re-hid the cache just as we found it. When we logged our find on, we encouraged cavemenRC, the cache owner, to hide more geocaches on Chambers Island. We'll be back next year.

On the road to the lighthouse.

Group on Road

The Chambers Island Lighthouse


Front View

Lighthouse 2

Searching for the Cache


Found it!

Found it

Signing the Log

Signing the log

Grabbed the Geocoin


Safely Back at Camp

At Camp

Another Geo-Day Completed


Photo credits go to Missy!

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