Sunday, July 20, 2008

Geocaching with the Lizardtoadz Decypher Coin

While geocaching at the Chambers Island Light House, we picked up the Lizardtoadz Decypher Coin. (No, I didn't spell it wrong. That's its name.) The LizardToadZ team is a team of cachers from Utah, sometimes consisting of just two members (the toads) aka...The Cach-U-NutCoins, but other times the team may have as many as 6 - 8 members. 

The coin is designed to help cachers create fun and inventive geocaches. The possibilities are endless! For an explanation on how the coin is used go here:
That site also has a bunch of geo-stuff for sale. This next link leads to an example of a rather difficult 4 stage multi cache using this type of decipher coin: Olympian Cryptoponymy by MOCKBA GCHCG0.

This unique coin consists of two coins that fit together. The top one fits perfectly into the center of the bottom coin and is attached permanently onto a stud which allows the center coin to rotate.

The coin can be used to decrypt geocaching hints by aligning the pointer on the LizardZ tail to the N on the outer ring. Then find the first letter in the encrypted hint on the outer ring of the coin and find the matching letter on the inner ring of the coin and write it down. Then follow the same procedure for each letter in the encrypted hint until you have decrypted the entire message.

Pretty cool stuff if you like creating puzzle caches!

The coin had been on Chambers Island since October of last year, so we brought it back to Minnesota and dropped it into one of our geocaches on the Luce Line Trail.

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