Friday, July 25, 2008

Guest Blogger - Eric

From time to time I'll run across something truly worthy of note, and so, worthy of publishing. The following is a guest post from my youngest son, Eric. (actually, it was an email from him, but guest blogger sounds cool) It's not about geocaching, but that's OK. He doesn't have a blog of his own, so I thought I would give him a voice.Nurse

Eric says...

I apologize in advance for derailing this intellectual conversation but... 

I was splitting wood this weekend with a rented log splitter and at the end of the day on Saturday I noticed my eye was irritated so I yelled at [the wife] for not cleaning the house and went to bed.

On Sunday I noticed there was a little fleck of something stuck to my cornea. 

On Monday I went to the eye doctor and had them dremel out a little flake of metal.  The doctor said he knew it was metal because he could see it rusting a little bit.  So after the doctor earned his keep, he had two nurses put some more gunk in my eye and patch me up. 

All was well until I started to pass out. 

Yeah, no kidding. 

I started to feel really dizzy and then I got the ringing ears and tunnel vision.  I told them I was getting pretty dizzy and they laid the seat back and started rubbing my neck and forehead with wet paper towels. 

I got better after a minute or so but I learned my lesson: Passing out around nurses is cool! Because they touch you and talk softly in your ear and tell you that you are looking better! 

Yes, I am that insecure. 

The last time I almost passed out was when I tried donating blood.  I was doing fine until the concerned nurse came over and looked at my blood bag and started jiggling the needle around in my arm.  That's when the tunnel vision came. 

Apparently, my body wants to clot when bleeding profusely.  The nurse said it happens all the time and if I try more often to give blood, my body will get used to it and not clot. 

I'm just guessing but, I am pretty sure that clotting is not something I want to teach my body not to do...

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