Monday, February 18, 2008

Our First DNH

DNH, you say???

Geocachers use a lot of shortcuts in their speech. TFTC. TNLN. FTF. We all know what they mean, but DNH is new.

That's right . New. In fact, this is the first time that anybody has used it. Cause I just invented it. It means Did Not Hide. Read on.

Several months ago, before the current Minnesota Ice Age began (read - winter) , we puppy-sat for some acquaintances. Corby was a cute little lab-mutt mix that was having problems assimilating to the kennel where his owners had place him for he weekend. We brought him home with us. Knowing that the only way to keep him from being puppy-destructive in our home, was to keep him worn out. So we went for walks. Lots of walks. When we came home from the walks, he went directly to sleep.

In the process, we taught him a new trick - sleeping on the couch. But that's another story.

One of the places that we took him was the Lake Minnetonka Regional Park that has some nice hiking trails, and we kind of fell in love with the little bugger. When he went back home, we decided to place a cache out there and name it Corby's Cache. Being the procrastinator that I am, I just got around to putting it all together, and yesterday was the first time in weeks to actually do anything outdoors. (Remember the ice age.) So off we went.

This is How Our Day Went

I don't have a problem with multi-use trails. And the snowmobilers were very generous in sharing the trail with a couple of hikers, but it was not a good day to place a cache. The Three Rivers Park District has a rule that all geocaches must be within 25 feet of the trail. There were just no geo-beckons along the snowmobile trail. We tried to follow another trail that was off limits to the snowmobiles. There were some snowshoe tracks on it, but we didn't have snow shoes on, and the snow was just too deep to find any good spots.

Corby's Cache may have to wait until spring. Then we can erase our DNH.

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