Sunday, February 10, 2008

History Caches

Since it's colder here than a... well, it's cold OK?

We won't be doing any geocaching today.

A few posts back, misterteacher left a comment that got me thinking about using geocaching for education. One of our favorite caches was the Watertown History Cache. Very educational, and a brilliant puzzle to put together. So I thought I'd do a little thinking about educational caches, and here's what I came up with.

A great idea is to have the class create a cache, like this one, where student keys travel the world. This creates opportunities for studies of Science, Geography, & History. Another idea is to have someone create caches for the class to discover. The caches could be temporary, just for that event, or permanent, for anyone to find.

We found a bunch of caches at The Bjornson Educational Center, (brutal caching, read about it here) where mamakat has hidden over a dozen caches. She is an educator in nearby Menomonie, Wisconsin. She takes her class to Bjornson to study history, science, & nature. Geocaching is part of it.

Here's some ideas for history caches.
"History Of Corona" Totem Pole Cache This one is a micro at the base of an historic totem pole.

20th Century History 1960 This one is a multiple, puzzle cache based on news stories of the 20th Century. It's too bad that coterm59 didn't add links to the news stories. That way when finding each cache, we could just click on the link to read more about the event.

6000 years of Hellenic History-Argos Here's a series of caches (too bad they're in Greece. But I guess that would be the idea behind Hellenic History). Smiley emoticon placed here. There's bunches of historic information in this series.

A little more history Here's one that requires the finder to answer a question before they can claim the find.

You probably get the idea. With just a little imagination, geocaching can be used to create interest in just about any subject.

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