Sunday, December 21, 2008

Google Reader for Geocaching

With snow up to the window sill, all those well laid plans of geocaching will lie as dormant as everything else around here. (And our faithful readers in Southern California will continue to push their numbers up without us.)

You may recall this post from about this same time last year.

There's nothing to do here but practice geocaching by on-line proxy. That includes reading everyone else's geo-adventures posted on their blogs.

I was using My Yahoo home page for keeping track of all the blogs I follow, but it became too difficult to find the new posts. I'm reading up to 50 different blogs, and it's become totally unmanageable with My Yahoo. Then the lovely and talented Wayfarer suggested that I use Google Reader.

Vive la difference!

Google Reader makes managing blog subscriptions a snap.

The reader makes it easy to subscribe to blogs - just copy & paste the URL in the subscription box. It uses an expandable menu structure to manage categories - simple. The un-read posts show up in the body of the reader, and I can choose to read the posts right there or jump to the blog itself.

(I prefer to read people's posts on their blogs. It's more personal that way, plus I find links to lots of related stuff.)

I am way happy with my Google Reader!

So, how do you manage your blog subscriptions?

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