Saturday, January 12, 2008

What's in a Name

A recent inquiry into the meaning of my moniker, tonka_boy, prompts this post. No, I don't play with toy trucks - at least, I haven't for a long time. And I'm not a boy. Haven't been for a long time, The name comes from our location near the Twin Cities. That's in Minnesota!

Lake Minnetonka is just west of town. You know, the lake that was mentioned in the Prince film Purple Rain? A scene is featured in which Prince's love interest attempts to "purify" herself in the lake. Prince conveniently told her it was the wrong lake after she stripped naked and jump in.

Anyone from around these parts knew it wasn't Lake Minnetonka anyway.

But I've digressed!

You've probably heard of the Minnesota Vikings sex cruise on lake Minnetonka? Yes. Now you remember. That's the same Lake Minnetonka.

You see, in the native Dakota language, Minne means water. Tonka means big.

Big-Water? Lake Minnetonka? Get it.

There's a lot of things named that way up here in Minnesota (Many Waters). Like Minneapolis. (City of Water) Minnehaha Falls, (Laughing Water) The city of Minnetrista.(Twisted Waters) Also, there's lots of things named Tonka. One of the most famous would be Tonka Toys.
The factory that originally made the popular trucks was located on the banks of Lake Minnetonka in Mound, Minnesota.

So let's see. Where was I? Oh yes, tonka_boy. Not much to tell at this point.

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