Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Balmy Days of Winter

Balmy - 33 degrees today. But it was a dry heat.
So we went geocaching at a nearby city park. While just over 100 square acres, the park has ball diamonds, a great fishing lake, hiking trails, and six geocaches. We got 4 out of the 5 that we attempted. And we were too tired to try for the sixth. Trudging through the deep snow, following snowshoe trails (we weren't quite clever enough to have snowshoes ourselves) we were all in, and we couldn't find this one.

So Here's Your Sign!
But after reading the logs when we got home, I want to go back tomorrow and get this one. There were several DNFs before us, but the hider checked the cache just before Christmas, and assured everyone that it's alive & well.
The log had comments like. . .
  • Had me stumped for a while until I started thinking outside the box!!!
  • Great hide. You have to pay attention to detail here.
  • ...this one has got to be the amongst the best of it's kind...wicked cammo...
  • Extremely clever hide.
  • The other logs indicate that it takes two to find this one, and that was the case with us.
  • Wow! Nice job on the hide. Took a little while but I finally found it.
It goes on and on like that. So you see, we have to go back.

Edit Note: The cache owner responded to my DNF post and assured me that it's out there - and winter friendly!

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