Monday, November 26, 2007


Don't have a GPS device but want to hunt and find things in the woods? Try Letterboxing. Here's how it works. There are nearly 5000 small waterproof containers hidden in neat locations in North America. The boxes all contain a logbook and a rubber stamp. The hiders have posted directions or clues to the location on the letterboxing website. You go to the website, get the clues to nearby letterboxes, then go find 'em. (There are rules of etiquette, and protocols to follow, so read up before you take off.) But don't leave empty handed! Take along a pencil to sign the log, your personal logbook to record your finds, and your own rubber stamp. When you find the letterbox, you sign the logbook and stamp it with your personal stamp. Finding letterboxes is great fun of course, but like geocaching, the hobby will take you places that you never dreamed of going. There's even a book called The Letterboxers Companion on Amazon.
Most folks design & carve their own stamps out of those big pink rubber erasers that you played with in school. Beside a cool personal design that says, I WAS HERE, an X-acto knife is all you need. Now you can't use the lack of a GPSr as an excuse. Get out in the woods!
Click on the diagram to see how it's done.

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