Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dock n Grab?

Warning: This post reveals the location of a geocache on Lake Minnetonka.

Although we weren't boating when we got this one (boating on Minnetonka in November is a little tough) the geocache named All Aboard! is certainly accessible to boaters.

Boating on Minnetonka in November

In fact, if you know where to look, it's in plain site as you sit in your boat. The most difficult part of this find is waiting for your turn at the Excelsior public docks. The description claims that STEALTH will more likely be required. Duh! Excelsior Bay is probably one of the busiest areas on Lake Minnetonka.
See the smiley. Right on the dock! I used the Hey-I-have-to-bend-down-to-tie-my-shoe stealth. In fact, I was so sneaky that Wayfarer didn't realize I had made the grab right under her nose. Sweeeet! Interesting photo, though. There are no boats under way???

While grabbing All Aboard! one should take the short walk around the bay to look for one of Bikeathon series. (where we posted a DNF) It's right by the St Albans Bay bridge. The cache is just feet from the water, but not really accessible by boat at that point. Too much boat traffic under that bridge. There are slips available at Maynard's , St Albans Boat House, or The Bayside Grille. If you dock there,
you'll have to eat lunch to get the slip.

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