Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Best Geocache in Minnesota - Confiscated by the Cops

You may remember all the time and effort that we put into finding the 2008 Halloween geocache series? I wrote at length about them.

The purpose was to find and collect clues from 12 Halloween themed geocaches, and use those clues to find the bonus cache - a full sized toe-pincher coffin, complete with skeleton and traditional ammo can.

Last February it was voted as the Minnesota Cache of the Month by member of the Minnesota Geocaching Association.

Here's some comments from the cache listing:

Fabulous! Certainly the granddaddy of all geocaches! The form for which all geocaches should strive. 

Wow! What an awesome end to the Halloween 2008 Series! I don't think anyone could come up with anything to top this cache!

My five-year old daughter was SO excited that we finally managed to get out and find this one before it got any colder.  ...Thank you so much for this series - I think she'll remember it when she's much older.

What an unbelievable series and some of the coolest containers ever!

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! And that doesn't even begin to show my appreciation for all of your hard work and time that you put into these Halloween 2008 caches.

AWSOME! This has to be one of our favorite caches of all time.

Absolutely outstanding - A cache that has to be seen to be believed!

Well it seems that a couple of muggles accidentally stumbled across the coffin in the woods, and instead of going along with the fun, reported it to the Dakota County Sheriffs Department.

Officials immediately went into CYA mode, and hauled the cache out. Here's the final log from the cache listing...

The Dakota County Park Service is pretending that geocaching doesn't exist when there are dozens and dozens of caches in OUR parks. On top of that, there are hundreds of website articles and web archives indicating the contrary. They may be attempting to make me, and one of my prolific and popular geocaches an example. And for that, they will get nothing from me in terms of providing geocaching entertainment. This cache has been pulled and will be archived by the end of the week.
Thank you all kind and reasonable people who have enjoyed my geocaches over the years.

You can visit the cache owner's blog to see photos of the cache under construction.

The cops even wrote about the find in their newsletter.

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