Sunday, December 16, 2007

Geocaching in the Snow

Determined to make geocaching in the snow work for us, we did a query for winter friendly caches and headed out. We promptly logged two DNFs (did not find). Which leads me to ask the question, What makes a 'winter friendly' cache? Is it one that requires kneeling, crawling, or digging with your hands through snow up to 12 inches deep? Hmmmm? That may be winter friendly to a badger, but this is not Wisconsin! Not giving up, we pressed on to the next cache and hit pay dirt.

We went to Baylor Regional Park in Carver County. A great place! We wished that we had brought our skis along. In fact, we could have skied right up to the caches! Lots of folks out ice fishing today.

The temps got up to a balmy 20 degrees. The warmest its been in a long time. We ended the afternoon with four new finds that puts us at 192 finds. Just another eight and we will hit our goal of 200 by the end of the year. Many folks don't know that the wild west starts near here in Buffalo, Minnesota. Here's a couple of coyboys ice fishing in Wright County.

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