Saturday, August 11, 2007

Second First-to-Find (FTF) for the GeoCats

The NorthWoods GeoCats scored their second FTF today. After retreating from the blistering heat (and after four new finds), we watched a major thunderstorm roll by from the safety of our geo-home. During which time, Chris reported from her on-line geo-hunting that a dozen or so new caches had placed in nearby, Baker Park Reserve. People had already been out scooping the FTFs and the associated booty. But there were several left unfound. We guessed that everyone else had been forced inside by the weather.

So as soon as the storm passed, we headed out to score two of the new caches. Surely, no one would be out this late in the day. The sun was just setting as we reached the park. Luckily, the caches were not far from where we parked. Unluckily, a cop stopped us on the trail to inform us that we had parked illegally. Luckily, he let us leave the car where is was for our quick dash into the woods.

Chris was the first the first to spot it - a foot long, plastic tube attached to a tree branch with baling wire. When we retrieved it, it was full of rainwater from the storm. Not much swag, but the log was dry, in a plastic baggie. We were the first! I think this cache will be archived soon. Baling wire in a tree probably won't pass muster with the Park District. We tried for another, but the day had grown too dark. Our only reward at that point were scratches and scrapes. We will try again in the morning.

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