Sunday, April 13, 2008

Geocaching Confession: What's in Your Geo-bag?

Without Wayfarer by my side, I'd never find a single geocache! On top of that, I'd still be out in the woods - lost. That's because she carries the geo-bag; and the geo-bag is our magic carpet to geocaches, travel bugs, geocoins, and all the other wonders of the hobby. Here's what's in her geo-bag.

  1. Garmin GPS Unit: But she lets me carry it while we are on the hunt. Ours is a Garmin Map 12. (We like the challenge of geocaching with antiques.)
  2. Silva Compass: Comes in handy when zeroing in on those difficult caches. Resorting to lat/lon readings, requires that you know which way is north.
  3. PDA: For paperless caching. Ours is a Handspring Visor. (More antiques.)
  4. Spare Batteries: Many a geo-trip cut short due to low batteries.
  5. Mini LED Flashlight: I stick my hand in no dark places without looking to see what's in there first.
  6. SWAG: Always trade up. For very cool but inexpensive do it yourself SWAG, check out Renzos Custom Cache Blog.
  7. Trackables: Always put Geocoins and Travel Bugs in the same place! That way they don't get lost.
  8. Pen & Pencil: Mr Obvious. She takes few extras to drop in a cache that may not have one.
  9. Swiss Army Knife: No, not GSAK! A real knife. It has tweezers, screwdriver, scissors, can opener, cork screw. (Don't ask me, but it's in there.)
  10. Note book: Sometimes the PDA can be cumbersome for logging trackables or jotting down other notes.
  11. Mini First Aid Kit: Band Aids, mole skin, ect.
  12. Sunscreen: Although we haven't needed it here in Minnesota, PJ!
  13. Bug spray: That either!
  14. Zip Lock Bags: For replacing soggy or damaged log bags.
  15. Duct Tape: For repairing cracked or broken caches. You can carry quite a bit of the stuff by re-wrapping it in a 6-inch loop.
  16. Camera: Our's is a Olympus C4000. (Yet more antiques.) Because memories don't last a lifetime, but digital photos can. (Is that a commercial?)
  17. Snacks & Water: I usually carry that in a fanny or backpack. (I've got her pretty loaded down at this point.)
  18. Plastic Garbage Bag: When muggels are about, this is our CITO stealth. We start picking up trash.

Wow that's quite the list! So, what's in your geo-bag? What did I miss?

Now for the Shameless

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600 Denier Polyester
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